A small, family farm in Wisconsin


charlie cutoutThis is Charlie.  He’s a Boston Terrier, and from what I’ve learned he has a typical BT personality.  Charlie loves everyone.  I take that back, he loves everyone except Lee’s cousin Bob.  We don’t know for sure why he’s taken a dislike to Bob, but it might have something to do with  Bob wearing his stinky barn clothes whenever he comes to visit. Other than Bob, Charlie falls in love with everyone who comes here.  He’s especially fond of children, and he likes other dogs.  He can be an awful pest when he loves you, and we call him The Stalker.

charlie smallWhen you meet Charlie for the first time, you’ll want to stare at his goofy eyes, and you might even think he’s ugly at first glance.  Yes, he does have those buggy ,outward facing eyeballs.  We like to say that he’s looking east and west at the same time.  It won’t take you long to think he’s adorably cute though.

We love him, and he’s our furry child.

C_packerLee dresses him in his Packer’s bandana when the need arises!





I’m so sad to write that Charlie passed on July 31, 2014.  He had hemangiosarcoma, which I wrote about here and here.  We’re so fortunate to have caring vets.  Our large animal vet was here for the horses and when I told her we had an appointment to have Charlie put down the next day she offered to do it for us, in our own home.  It was such a comfort to have him just fall asleep on the couch .  We love our small animal vets too, but it was less stressful for all not having to take him in to the clinic, among other patients.  I called the clinic and cancelled the appointment, telling them that Charlie had died.  They sent us the sweetest card, with everyone signing it and several personal messages and memories of Charlie.  RIP little Charlie.  You were loved by many.

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  1. Joyce LaMarche said:

    Carol, I just had to leave a message here so you know I visit every once in awhile. Just found this on Charlie tonight and enjoyed reading it. I sure have enjoyed visiting with him, Lee and you so much. Your farm is very interesting to see all the animals and I know farming is hard work and long hours. Both of my grandparents were farmers.

    I hope you can come East again to visit your daughter and family and make another visit to us.


  2. Charlie and TazE would be best buddies, I can tell. Like Charlie, our TazE loves everybody (even Bob)… and can be a real pest. Don’t know what we’d do without her! I’m looking forward to coming back to your farm in the future to meet some of your other residents. Thanks for visiting JanBeek ;o)


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