A small, family farm in Wisconsin

About the Farm

Located in East Central Wisconsin

Located in East Central Wisconsin

This farm has been in Lee’s family for decades. He’s lived here his whole life, and farming is all he knows. It’s 145 acres, mostly tillable.  We grow food for our livestock, including oats, corn and hay.  We also grow soybeans and wheat which we sell as cash crops.

We raise and sell hogs and sheep and you can read more about them on their respective pages.  We also have a few  aging miniature horses.

Our lives are quiet and uneventful, for the most part.  We’re well suited for rural living and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Family is important to us.  We have 3 grown, married kids, lots of grands, and 1 adorable great grand.  Edited to add Payten, who was born on March 20, 2010 to Paige and Lucas.  Now we have 3 great grands because Meredith and Jim have Noah.

Comments on: "About the Farm" (4)

  1. Joyce LaMarche said:

    I just visited here and found it very interesting. You have done a good job.
    I went thru every section and found it very interesting along with the pictures. I will visit often to see what new and interesting things you have on here. Please give Charlie and Artie a hug from me.


  2. I am enjoying your website! My husband and I feel drawn to more land and farming to be more self-sustainable. Having never done farming, we are gleaning information all over the place (we like the polyface farms model) We are currently looking for land here in CO in hopes of growing our own feed for our horses, raising our own beef and more as we learn. I would appreciate any wise words or suggestions as we walk that direction. We find it good to learn from others trials so that we can lessen our own and not make the same mistakes! Wishing I had learned alot more from my Great Grandparents about their dairy farm days!


  3. Hi! I left a message for you the other day on another blog post. How would one contact you by email. I would like permission to share something. Thanks.


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