A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Mini Horses

1988 stallion, Artie

I first saw miniature horses in a parade, many years ago.  I’ve loved horses my whole life, but I have to admit that full size equine intimidate me.  I was allergic to horses as a child and so I wasn’t exposed to them much.  The minis intrigued me, and in 1989, after a lot of research, I got my first mini.  For 15 years we did some showing, and some breeding, and some selling of miniature horses.  In 2004 our last group of foals was born, because we decided that we wanted to cut back on the work and the expense.  We still have 4 mini horses here.  All of them are growing older, along with us.  Most of them   have some kind of health issues and need special care.

I hope that we’ll be able to continue providing these wonderful animals a good home and loving care for the rest of their lives.  They’ve given us so much pleasure and they deserve to be cared for by people who appreciate them and want the best for them.

Every one of the  minis here has a very special place in my heart.  Sadly, we lost Cody in 2012.  I’ve written posts about some of the special miniature horses we’ve loved and lost, and you can find them by entering “miniature horses” in the search box on this blog



Cody, a gelding

Irish, a gelding

Star, our only mare

Comments on: "Mini Horses" (5)

  1. Love the new format! It is clean and nice.

  2. Hey, Carol,
    this is great,especially the part of the cranes.. I just love them. We have them that land in our yard to eat???? Bugs??? Your family is increasing and that is wonderful. Great pix and love all the text.
    Funny how we each have a bay stallion and only two years apart. It geves me a look at how Sweet will age! ! He has not much white yet..but a bit.

    Like you I am hoping some of our minis will be with us a long time. Other’s I know I must find new homes for..
    Love your new site! ! ! Great job! !

  3. Pat Kilawee said:

    You are so talented. I really enjoyed reading your new web site.
    It’s neat the way you can check out the minis or sheep ect.
    Dick is doing better since his last surgery where they took out 9000cc’s of asites fluid. We will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on July 25th. Didn’t think we would reach that milestone.
    Welcome to the social security generation. I’m like you I enjoy getting that check deposited in my account every month.
    Take care of yourself and enjoy your family. I’m glad you and Lee have had a part in our life. I think of you often.

  4. I am so sorry Carol, I know you will miss her!

  5. Jeanne Murphy said:

    Gee Carol, I loved Shammy too. She was a nice mare.. and 17 years is a long time to love a horse.. She will be trotting gracefully through the meadows at the Rainbow Bridge.. with all the rest of the CHM up there..
    Know I am thinking of you today and will pray that your heart heals soon.
    Rest in Peace, Sweet Shamrock! ! ! !

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