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Did Searching Land you Here?

I have burning questions.  I need to know how and why you’re here, reading this.  The reason I’m so curious is because WordPress gives me STATS.  STATS are apparently important.  The information they give me includes how many “hits” my blog gets daily, weekly, etc.  The stats can tell me which of the pages or posts get the most or the least hits.  My favorite stats involve the search terms.  People type their query into their favorite search engine, and sometimes they’re directed to a page on my blog.  The reason I’m writing about this now is because this morning I was reviewing my blog stats, and nearly died laughing.  Someone typed in to their search bar “furry ugly child” and they were sent to Charlie’s page on my blog.  This person was so curious about furry, ugly Charlie that he/she also clicked on the pictures of Charlie, presumably to get a better look at his furry ugliness.

Other searches that have me puzzled include “american white pelican” .  That particular post has gotten the most views on this blog.  Many, many views.  I really wonder if there is not a better source of information on the American White Pelican?  My cheese soup recipes  have been found via search engine pretty much daily since I made that post.  I had no idea how many people were craving cheese soup.

I’d really love to know why so many people are seeking information  about pelicans.  If you’re one of those folks, do leave a comment!

Whatever brought you here, thanks for coming and come on back any time.

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