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June 2012 News from the Farm

First, let me say that Aubrey, Josh, and Carys had a wonderful time in Hawaii.  They were able to meet some of our family and spent some time with my sister Julie.  I have a picture in the slideshow of Aubrey and Carys with Julie.

Alora has made her way back to Wisconsin from Scotland.  It’s made me so happy to see her and I hope to spend some time with her in the near future, getting caught up.  She looks so good and I think she’s ready to begin making a life for herself now that she’s an adult.  She knows that she has her family as a safety net and that we all want her to succeed in whatever she does.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, our 16 year old grandson Cameron has been ill.  He has a genetic blood condition called spherocytosis and it’s kicking his butt right now.  He’s in the hospital and will be  there for a few days while he’s being treated.  We wish him a speedy recovery!

We have some birthdays this month.  Connor will be 15 (I think, forgive me!) on the 19th, and little Noah will be 1 year old on the 25th.  When I get a B’day pic of Noah from Meredith I’ll share it.  He’s so darn cute.

Here on the farm, we’ve been battling black cutworms in the corn.  This is a first for us, and the agronomists are telling us that it’s due to the very mild winter we had.  I have some pictures for you to see.  Lee has sprayed them and he thinks that the damage has stopped.

Lee got our first cut hay done without any rain!  He sold a few wagon loads to regular hay customers, and kept back some for our own use.  It’s such a good feeling to have that new hay stacked in the shed for next winter….and it smells SO good!

The lambs are growing fast and it’s about time to wean the bottle babies.  We had 4 of them this year due to having so many triplets.

Weather is still crazy.  A few cold days followed by a few hot days!

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