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Farm and Family

I started this blog to help me keep my family and friends updated on our lives.  It seemed like an easy way to reach everyone who might care about our latest news and views.  For the most part it’s doing exactly what I hoped it would.  Sometimes I veer off in other directions and write about things that no one else cares about but me.  Sometimes I have nothing to say.

Today, I want to write updates on both farm and family. Pictures will follow in a slide show.


We’ve had an unusually wet spring.  No flooding, but enough rain to keep everything soggy, and lots of humidity to add to the tropical feel.  Our crops are suffering due to some uncommon pests.  Slugs are eating the leaves of the corn.  When I say slugs, I mean tons o’ slugs.  There’s not much we can do about them.  Dry weather is our best bet.  We’ve also had some kind of worm/larva in the young corn stalks.  Skunks are breaking the corn off at the ground level to get at the worms.   It looks like someone went out with a scythe and hacked the corn off.  Although Lee was able to make most of the first crop hay, he has a field of alfalfa that hasn’t been cut yet.  It’s very tall, due to the rain, but the lower foot or so of the plants is moldy and nasty and the plants are long past prime cutting and will be tough, course hay when baled. 

The riding mower broke and is in the shop being repaired.  With all the rain, it’s looking like an untamed jungle here. 

There’s a huge old maple tree next to my horse barn and we discovered a family of raccoons living there.  Three youngsters and Mom.  The cat food in the barn kept disappearing so I suspected there was a coon raiding the food supply but was surprised to see the little ones in the tree one day.  I started closing the barn doors at night, and the little family has moved on.  They’re so darn cute, but naughty.

Speaking of the horse barn, my old mare Shamrock isn’t doing well and I’m worried about her.

On to family news. 

Lexi and JD were here for a few days.  Their visit was much too brief, but we’re so grateful for any time we’re able to spend with them.  They’re so far away, in Oklahoma, and any time we can get together is a gift.  They live in tornado alley near OKC, and ironically, we had destructive tornados here in Wisconsin while they were here.

Paige has gone back to work, and Nikki is caring for Payten while her parents are working and attending classes.  I’m so happy that Payten is with people who love her.  I know from my own experience that there’s a special bond that develops between children and the grandparents who help care for them.  I’m just going to end here with some pictures. 

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