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Did You Pin It?

   Are you a Pinterest user, or are you wondering ” What the heck is Pinterest”?

I’ve found that it’s very difficult to explain Pinterest to those who’ve never been on the site.  I found this definition at Techopedia.com:

Definition – What does Pinterest mean?

Pinterest is a social media website that allows users to organize and share images and videos from around the Web. Images uploaded by users are called Pins and may be organized into Pin Boards, which can be customized, themed and followed by other users. Users can also Like or Repin content shared by other Pinners. Much like Twitter, any Pinner can follow another.

Pinterest represents a move toward more visual social media platforms. In October 2011, Pinterest received $27 million in venture capital funds.

Techopedia explains Pinterest

Pinterest differs from many other social media platforms in that it’s image-based, which has allowed it to find a following among those with interests that have a strong visual component. This is why Pinterest is popular for recipe sharing, interior design, fashion and online shopping. Pinterest encourages its users to credit the sources for their images and provide a link back to them. Pinterest is mostly based around image sharing, but videos may also be shared.Images of nudity or hateful content are not allowed, and self promotion is discouraged.

Let me just tell you that Pinterest is addicting.  It can be a real time thief, but it also can be very helpful  if you’re looking for information  on a particular subject, like remodeling a bathroom, or if you want new recipes in any food category, or if you enjoy reading motivational quotes 😉
If you’d like to explore this newest phenomenon, you can click on the “Follow Me” link  in the right side bar, or you can click on the links in this post.  You will need to request an invite if you want to join.  If you request through the Pinterest website it may take a day or two to be approved.  It’s faster to ask a friend who already has an account to invite you.
Many of my family members and friends also have Pinterest accounts and we repin many of the same pins.  I’m always surprised at how many strangers repin my pins.
Now you know what all the Pinterest fuss is about!  Happy Pinning!
Here is a link to a blog with more Pinterest information.

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