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Mother’s Day 2010

I have something to say about Mother’s Day….  It’s important to mothers.  It has significance that anyone who isn’t a mother will not understand.  Let me try to make it clear to you why you don’t want to forget Mother’s Day.

Your mother fell in love with you probably before you were born.  She would throw herself under a train for you and would gladly give you all of her organs if you need them.  While she was raising you and even to this day if she’s still alive, the sacrifices she has made for you can’t be counted.  Except by your mom.  She has a ledger in her head that keeps a running total of all the sacrifices.  She wants you to realize how hard it was to raise you, and she wants you to be incredibly grateful.  You can show your gratitude by always remembering and honoring her on Mother’s Day.  Truly, mothers are sometimes realistic and don’t expect much.  A card that isn’t late is very much appreciated.  If you write a sweet note in that card she will cry tears of joy. Anything more than a card is bonus points.

Woe be unto you if you forget or are late.  Your thoughtlessness will be entered into the Book of Shame.  Mothers don’t forget Mothers Day slights.  If you forget her on her big day (bigger than her birthday) her feelings will be badly hurt.  She will know that she isn’t important to you if you can’t take a few minutes out of your busy life to remember her and honor her.   You might as well just tell her flat-out that everything she’s done for you means nothing to you.  She might say “oh, that’s ok, I know you’re busy” but that isn’t what she’s really thinking.  She’s really wracking her brain, trying to remember what in the world she could have done to make you hate her so much.

A word to the wise.  Let your mom know that you’re happy she’s your mom.

 I lost my mom 20 years ago.   I still miss her and I think of her especially on Sundays, because we used to talk by phone every Sunday.  She died suddenly and unexpectedly just a couple of hours after one of our Sunday chats.

This picture was taken when Mother was  23 years old.  I think she was beautiful.  I’m glad I spoke to her often (she lived across the country) and I always remembered Mothers Day. Really!

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