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Meatball Extravaganza

If you found 2 pound bags of frozen Rosina’s Homestyle Meatballs on sale, what would you do with them?  Here’s my answer….

Cooking dinner is a problem for me.  I can’t just walk in the house after chores and put a meal on the table unless I’ve planned ahead, or we eat sandwiches.  When I cook meals, I prepare them early in the day and I most always make enough to freeze another meal.

This morning I tackled the meatballs, turning them into at least 4 meals for the 2 of us.  I found 2 recipes on Kraft foods, whose website I use a lot.  I like that the recipes use ingredients (sometimes convenience foods) I usually have on hand.  If you don’t like to use packaged convenience foods you can make your own 🙂

The first recipe I made was Layered Meatball Bake.  The picture here is from the Kraft website, and I have to say that if you follow the recipe, you won’t have peas scattered on the top.  This made a 9×13 pan full and will give us 2 or maybe 3 meals.  The only change I made to this one was to layer some of the grated cheese over the meatballs, and I put the remainder on top.  I used the “light” directions for the stuffing mix, low fat condensed soup, and 2% cheese.




The second recipe I made is this Hearty Meatball and Spinach Soup.  Again from the Kraft site.  The picture is mine, taken of the soup I made this morning.  It’s good.  It’s very similar to Italian Wedding Soup, but no pasta here, and the meatballs I used are bigger than the tiny ones used in Italian Wedding Soup.  The recipe on Kraft has you making your own meatballs but I needed to use the frozen ones.  Lee just came in for lunch, and he smells the soup and wants it for lunch.

OK, fine.


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