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April 2013 Newsletter


Shirley and I made our annual trek to Las Vegas.  Fun and relaxation were had by all.  Our only disappointment was that the Donny and Marie show was cancelled and we had been looking forward to it.  We did go to Blue Man Group and that was a fun and very loud show.  We had good seats, and we enjoyed the show.  Weather was a bit chilly on the first couple of days but it made for very comfortable walking.  We had some excellent meals, including the Cravings buffet at the Mirage.  We visited the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay.  It’s an aquarium.  We got free tickets through the MLife Players Club rewards game , My Vegas.
I have an album of photos from our trip on Facebook.  Here’s the link. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10200307594110975.1073741826.1187642981&type=1&l=44bed9c791
Weather has been the topic of conversation all month.  Wet and cold!  I don’t know when the fields will be dried out enough to begin spring field work.
lamb smudgeLambing began mid month, and there are still 2 ewes left to lamb.Again this year there are triplets and twins.  We had one poor ewe who had toxemia and lost her twins, but Lee was able to save the ewe.  It seems like lambing season is never trouble free.  I’m not sure how many lambs there are, but I’m guessing 22.  Mostly boys!  The little guy in the picture was born with the huge black spot on his hip.  It will fade with time.

Collin is back on American soil, back from Afghanistan.  It’s a huge relief.  We’ll see him in July, along with the rest of the family, when we go to OKC for a wedding.

Star 4-13The horses are shedding!   They’re itchy and need to be bathed and brushed, but it’s too cold.

I’m enjoying the return of the migratory birds.  I’ll bet the birds aren’t all that happy to be back.  Kildeer are nesting on the cold ground.  Robins are finding worms now but I wonder what they ate while the ground was still frozen.  The barn swallows are here, but we don’t have any bugs yet!


Home Again

Shirley and I are back from our annual trip to Las Vegas.  We had a good time, as always, and I think I enjoyed this trip more than most, just because I needed a break from the daily grind.  We left on a Monday evening and arrived pretty late so we were tired on arrival and didn’t do much exploring.  The vacation seemed short this time because we only had 3  full days in  town.  I could have stayed another day or two.    We spent our time shopping, eating, walking, and playing slots.  Here’s some food porn 🙂

We attended the Cirque du Soleil production of LOVE, a tribute to the Beatles.  It was a fun show.  Interactive, great music, and the performers were incredibly talented.  I highly recommend this show.  Our seats were close to the stage so we had a bird’s eye view.

We went to the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage because I had a coupon for 3 dollars off each ticket.  Regular price was $17.00.  Neither Shirley or I felt the exhibits were worth the cost.  In a previous trip we had strolled through the Flamingo Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.  I enjoyed that much more and there was no charge.

We had an angry kamikaze cab driver who did his best to kill us and several pedestrians.

The gambling gods were not cruel.

The weather was just beautiful.  Sunny and hot.  When we left Las Vegas the temp there was 87 degrees.  When we got home it was 48 degrees and windy.  It was a shock to our systems!

Girls Trip

Shirley and I are leaving for Las Vegas on Sunday.  We’re both excited to be going back.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to Las Vegas.  I try to go once a year because  it’s my happy place.  For 4 days we’ll gamble a little, mostly on slot machines, shop a little, and relax a lot.  When we get back I’ll be glad to be home, I’ll probably say it was my last trip, and then in a couple of months I’ll be ready to plan the next one.

Lee doesn’t enjoy Vegas so he doesn’t mind staying home and holding down the fort.  He says he doesn’t miss me while I’m gone.  I’m sure he doesn’t.  It’s only 4 days, and I make sure he has everything he needs before I go.  Clean Laundry, more meals than he can possibly eat, baked treats, and he gets the bed to himself.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t shower as often as he should, walks in the house with his dirty boots, falls asleep with the tv on, and maybe forgets to put Charlie out.  It’s his vacation from me.

This picture was taken from a foot bridge over Las Vegas Boulevard.  I didn’t take it, but it’s a familiar spot.  Shirley and I will be staying at the Monte Carlo, which you can see in the picture if you click to enlarge it.  It’s the next Hotel down from New York, New York.

I have to mention that our Wisconsin weather is chilly and will be only in the 50’s while we’re gone.  The forecast in Vegas is for 90’s.

Wish us luck!

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