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September 2012 Newsletter

Another season rolls in.  Here in Wisconsin the leaves are turning, the air is sometimes crisp, sometimes warm.  On the warm days the yellow jackets, hornets, and box elder bugs come alive and they’re everywhere.  We’ve already had a killing frost, so our growing season is over.  Lee is out on the combine harvesting soybeans.  Grain prices are up because of the poor crops in much of the country and world.  Hog and lamb prices have gone down.  I just heard today that there is going to be a pork shortage worldwide.  We’ll see.

Collin left for his deployment and called last week to say that he’s settled in.  My goal is to send him a box from home every month.  His birthday is in October, so that box will celebrate his birthday, with a little Halloween/Autumn thrown in.
Some of the other grands have relocated.  A couple have transplanted to new cities, and one to a new apartment.  It seems there’s fallout, a domino effect when families go through traumatic times.

For me, I’m learning that I need to live my own life and not worry so much about the others.  I can only do so much, and the older I get, the more draining it becomes.

We’ve had some very windy days lately and on one of those days a large tree limb came down in Cody’s pen.  I didn’t think he had been hit by the branch at first but later I realized that he did get either hit or grazed on his head.  His left eye was very swollen and the eyeball was hemorrhaged.  Fortunately the swelling went down and I could see that the blood in his eye was reabsorbing.  By the 4th day he was nearly as good as new.  Poor guy.

The kittens continue to grow.  The little female calico went to her new home and is doing very well.  They named her Luna.  I still have the 3 males.  I’ve been advertising them on Freecycle, but the only takers were no-shows.  They’re so entertaining and I waste so much time just watching them play.  I love baby animals 🙂


August 2012 Newsletter

This month has brought us some much needed rain.  The soybeans and corn are looking OK, although there are some areas in the corn that have been stunted.  Prices are still looking pretty good.  Hog prices appear to be going down.  Lee made 3rd crop hay and it yielded better than 2nd crop because the rain helped it to come back.

West Nile Virus has been rearing its ugly head.  There have been so many human cases all over the country.  Horses are also susceptible to West Nile, but there is a vaccine for horses.  I wonder why there isn’t a vaccine for people yet?  The horse vaccine has been available for years.

We have an adorable litter of 4 kittens.  Unexpected!  I hope to find homes for them.  One calico female and three tabby males.  I’ve been documenting their growth in pictures I’ve posted on Facebook for my friends.  Everyone loves a kitty picture 🙂

Kay and the girls were not able to make the trip to visit this summer.  We were really looking forward to seeing them so it was disappointing when they had to change their plans.  I’m hoping that everyone will make the effort to attend a planned family function in OKC next summer.  It would be so nice to have them all in one place!

In news of the grandchildren, Lexi was here very briefly  and we were so happy to spend a little time with her.  She’s  nearly an adult and really is such a nice person.  We miss her, and all of our family members who have moved away.  Meredith was here from PA with her husband and little Noah.  I was crushed that we only saw them for a couple of hours, and I didn’t even get to talk to Meredith.  It was kind of a drive-by visit!  Noah is a beautiful little boy. Alora has moved to Virginia (I think) to be a nanny.  It was a sudden departure, and there were no good byes.  Sheesh!  Collin was home on leave and has now returned to his base.  He leaves very soon on  deployment and I’m so sorry to see him go again.

It’s still very warm here in Wisconsin, but Fall is in the air.

There is a slideshow at the end of this post.  Thanks for reading, and see you in September!

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Morning Snapshots from the Farm

wet fall cornThis dreary picture tells the whole story.  Clouds, rain, crops still standing in wet fields.  The ears of corn are molding on the stalks.  Soybeans are still not harvested.  We’re not alone, it’s the same sad tale for many farmers.   Sometimes I feel like we’re crazy to keep trying to make a living on the farm.


Soggy fallWelcome to my world.  It’s wet here.  Everything is soggy.  We haven’t seen much sun in the last few weeks.  This kitty is wanting to get his paws clean, but he’s fighting a losing battle.  He lives in mud city.



StarhyperSay Hi to Star.  She’s a crazy little mare.  In this picture she’s outside playing while I clean her stall.  The wind and the cold air have made her frisky.  Click on any picture to get the full version.




Mikey and sassy

Mikey and Sassy.  Mikey is everyone’s favorite kitty.  He’s a big lug, friendly with all, has a great little motor.  Sassy is a sweetie too, but more discriminating.  She mostly loves me and sometimes Lee.


CatHorse HayrackTiger (the cat) likes to hide in the horse’s hay, whether it’s on the ground or in a hay rack like it is here.  He’s possessive of his hay bed.  Poor Cody got his nose swatted every time he tried to take a bite of his hay.  Tiger eventually got tired of the game and left.  Cody was relieved. 




Farm Cats

Bunny  9 weeks


Cats are a given on farms.  When Lee and I got married, there were way too many wild/feral cats here.  Nature has a way of taking care of overpopulation, and at some point most of the cats died off due to a virulent cat disease of some sort.  Over the years, we’ve had cats come and go.   We didn’t look for cats, and actually wanted to go catless for a year or so, because of the disease that might stll be lurking here.  Neighbors have brought us cats, asking us to take them in.  Usually abandoned kittens, and usually they’re sick.    We have some cats that have been around for a good while.  Violet and Willie are siblings.  They had another brother (Danny) who died young.  Violet has never had kittens and is obviously sterile.  They’re about 5-6 years old.  Willie comes and goes.  Whenever we think we’ve seen the last of him he shows up again for a while.  Last time I saw him was late fall/early winter of last year.  He was looking sick, and stayed for about 3 weeks.

Violet and Willie

Violet and Willie

I hope I see him again.  He’s a bit wild, but he knows me and lets me touch him.  Violet is a pet and loves for me to hold her in my lap.  She only likes me and will run from others.

A couple of years ago a big  male showed up here.  He’s solid black and looks like a panther.  He’s beautiful.  Very wild and  he won’t stick around if there are humans near.  He lives in the machine shed where we keep cat food available all the time.  Violet likes him, I think.  A while back we realized that Violet and Blackie (we don’t work at finding great names for our cats) are not able to keep up with the mouse patrolling duties in our several buildings, so we  accepted 3 orphan kittens from our neighbor’s sister.  As usual, they were sick.  I nursed them back to health the best I could, and vaccinated them.  The 2 boys  relapsed later on and eventually they both died.  The female, who I call Sissy, got over the illness and did well.  She  had a kitten (just one), a female I named Bunny.  Sissy may have had more than one kitten, but I only found the one.   Thank goodness, Sissy waited close to a year and had another single female kitten.  Again, I suspect she had more than one, but I couldn’t find any more.  

Sissy and Sassy

Sissy and Sassy

I call this kitten Sassy, mostly because I got tired of her not having a name, and she truly is a sassy and spoiled little brat.  While Sassy has been growing up and being naughty, her mother Sissy and her older sister Bunny, both got pregnant and we’re now up to our eyeballs in kittens.  Bunny had 4 little dumplings, and Sissy has had six!  I found Sissy’s kittens all over the barn.  Deposited here and there just out in the open.  This makes me wonder if she had other kittens previously that I didn’t find.  Sissy’s kittens are still newborns, less than a week old, so I don’t know if they’ll all survive.   I’m going to look for homes for all of the kittens.  2 of Bunny’s kittens are spoken for, so that leaves me 8 more to place.  Sadly, there are no spay/neuter clinics in our area.  I’ve looked and haven’t found anything.  The small animal vet we use is way too fond of money to do anything not for profit.  We learned long ago not to put lots of mony into our farm cats because they disappear, but if I could find a low cost program to get the females spayed I sure would do it.

Would you like a kitten?

kitten 4 weeks

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