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May I Help You?

my plate meal

Younger generations prefer to learn their own lessons in life.  It’s always been that way.  They don’t often take the advice of their elders.  Do I, as an elder, have a responsibility to share the wisdom of my experience with my children and grandchildren if I know it can make their lives better?  Yes, of course.
I started on this train of thought this morning.  The TV was on, and there was a cooking and lifestyle program on.  The host of the show is a popular local personality.  I admire her and enjoy her program, and some of her recipes.  This morning she made a chicken dish that contained several processed foods….Velveeta, Nacho Cheese Doritos, and a can of some kind of cream soup.  This is wrong, wrong, wrong!  I feel that this much loved and admired local celebrity has a perfect platform for educating the public on clean eating, whole foods, the evils of processed foods.  I’d love to see her advocating for home cooked real food, and teaching young moms how to feed their children healthy and nutritional meals.  I feel so strongly about this that I wrote to her this morning.
Back in the day, when I was a young mom , I cooked and prepared nearly everything that my little ones ate.  Over the years, as times changed, more processed and prepared foods found their way into my kitchen.  We ate out often.  Healthy eating was a thing of the past.  Along with the convenience came health problems including obesity and diabetes.  I’d love to spare my younger family members the consequences of poor nutrition choices.  I’d love to help them learn how to shop wisely and cook good meals even when they’re busy and working.  I’d love to clean all the junk food out of their lives.  I have a lot of experience to share and I hope that my grands will remember that I am a resource for them and always happy to help them.
If you want to get started on feeding your family real food, please visit this website.  It was an eye opener for me, and will also point you to other good resources.  http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/

The graphic on this page is from the government’s My Plate webpage.  You can enlarge it by clicking on the picture.   If you’re a fan of Pinterest there are many My Plate boards with lots of good recipes.

Eating for Health

I recently acquired a cardiologist.  Don’t be alarmed.  My heart is in pretty good shape for a 64 year old organ.  My primary doc wanted a second opinion on some test results, and the cardio doc says they’re not troubling.  She wants me to follow a healthy eating plan called the DASH Diet/Eating Plan.  DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.    It’s a healthy diet that can be adapted to fit most peoples dietary needs. Since I’m diabetic I modify it to include fewer servings of carbs like fruits and grains.  The eating plan is meant to lower blood pressure by restricting salt.  It also restricts fats, and by doing that it lowers cholesterol.  Weight loss is also a result.  The diet pushes fruits and vegetables and whole grains.  If you look into this diet, be aware that  serving sizes may be different than you’re used to.  For example, a serving of meat on this plan is 1 oz.  Ordinarily a serving of meat is 3 -4 oz.

This is a typical dinner plate on the DASH Eating Plan.  Lots of vegetables!  The plan restricts your sodium intake to 2300 mg or 1500mg per day.  It also limits meat, fat, and sugar.

I’ll let you know how this goes.  So far it doesn’t feel restrictive or severe to me.   Not like that darn South Beach Diet that was such a punishment.

Lee is also following this DASH plan to a degree (because he eats what I serve him).  His cholesterol is high so it will help him.    I think the biggest change I’ve made is that I’m not buying processed food if I can avoid it.  It’s a lot of work to prepare everything from scratch, but the only way to control the ingredients of our foods.  All of the snack foods that Lee enjoys are processed junk so giving them up is a big sacrifice for him, and a lot of work for me!

Here is a link to a PDF file  on the DASH plan.


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