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Hawaiian Food = YUM

I was so happy to eat some of the foods I remembered from my early years as a child in Hawaii.  I have 2 good resources for those delicious Hawaiian foods.

Hawaiian Food Online is an online store where you can buy many of the delicious foods that are found pretty much exclusively in the islands.  There you can find poi, lau lau, the luau leaves to make your own lau lau, guava and lilikoi jams and jellies,  li hing mui, kona coffee, the list goes on.

The other website I really like is Cooking Hawaiian Style.  Lots of authentic recipes here.  Even Zippy’s Mac Salad!

I’ll just tempt you with pictures of some of the foods we enjoyed while we were there  last month. Most of these pictures were taken by my son JD.  Please do not use them without permission.

shave ice guava, papaya, mango poi pie lau lau,kalua pork,lomi salmon,ahi poke,li hing mui lemonade lau lau, lomi salmon 0708141746_resized


Common Birds of Oahu, HI

nene gooseThe Nene is the state bird of Hawaii.  I didn’t see any while I was on vacation on Oahu.  I did see lots of other birds though.  I had to look them all up online, because I wasn’t familiar with any of them.





common myna birdOne bird that was extremely plentiful was the Myna.  They’re entertaining little characters, and vocal.  We had one that began “singing” first thing every morning, just outside our bedroom.





Cattle EgretI was so surprised to see that Cattle Egrets were everywhere on the island.  We have them here in Wisconsin, so I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them on Oahu.







credit:JD Kuehl

credit:JD Kuehl

One of the first birds we noticed is a beautiful multi-colored cardinal.  We learned that it’s a Brazilian Red Capped Cardinal, not indigenous to Hawaii.  They’re plentiful and really lovely birds.








Spotted Dove  credit:JD Kuehl

Spotted Dove credit:JD Kuehl

We found 2 types of doves while on the island, the Spotted Dove, and the Zebra Dove.  Both are similar to our Mourning Doves, but smaller.

Zebra Dove

Zebra Dove













I mentioned the wild chickens in a previous post on our Hawaiian vacation.

Mahikoa Reunion

Sunday was a special day for me. One of my cousins was able to organize a family pot luck at Kailua Beach Park. What a beautiful beach!
I’m not sure how many Mahikoa family members attended, but it was a nice turnout. I’m going to guess 35-40 cousins and aunties and uncles were there.
I can’t even begin to describe the food. This was a pot luck on steroids! My nephew Rex brought his grill and his grilling expertise. He made 3 or 4 different kinds of grilled meat. My fave was the teriyaki pork. So ono!
There was plenty of Zippy’s macaroni salad, which was delicious. My cousin Nani made and brought kalua pork and it was mouth watering good. There were more wonderful dishes, and of course desserts. There was a Chantilly cake, and coco puffs ( a delicious cream puff filled with chocolate and topped with chantilly cream. My first , but hopefully not my last.
I especially enjoyed connecting with family members who I only know through Facebook. My cousin Butch is one of the kids I used to play with at Gramma’s house, but he didn’t remember that. I loved meeting Nani, who has a special place in my heart, and Butch’s wife Iris who along with Nani, helped me on my quest to find my family. She’s such a kind and lovely lady. Annette got the whole thing organized. Everyone was so much fun and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed every one of them. I hope this isn’t the last time I’ll see Hawaii and all of these amazing people. I definately plan to keep in touch.
After we left the park, Butch and Iris met us at the cemetery to show us where our grandparents are buried.


Exploring Oahu

Thursday we split up. One group went to Pearl Harbor and associated tours and exhibits. They walked many a mile and came home tired, sore, but well educated. They all said they learned many things about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the war, that they hadn’t known before. I couldn’t do the walking so Kay and I set out with no real destination in mind.
Our first stop was He’eia State Park. There were trails and picture taking vantage points, a nice little gift shop, and many examples of local flora and fauna. There really wasn’t much in the way of fauna, to be honest. Wild chickens, cats, chameleons and birds. On the other hand, there were many and varied trees and bushes and plants.
We got back in the car and found the Beach where we’ll be having our pot luck with family. White sand, restrooms, and a pavilion. It’s going to be perfect. We vegged there for a while, enjoying the beautiful breeze and people watching.
Our final stop was KailuaTown for a bit of shopping.
Today the kids have gone to the Farm Fair, which is an annual ag fair.
The following photos were taken at the He’eia State Park.



A beautiful hen and her chick.

A beautiful hen and her chick.

Taro plant

Taro plant

Banana tree

Banana tree

Sisters Reunion

sisters   On Wednesday, JD and I drove over to Kailua to pick up my sister Julie, and we brought her back to our rental house for dinner. This is the first time we’ve been together since we were kids…..more than 50 years ago.
Here’s the story.
We are half sisters. We were raised together and apart. I ended up on the mainland, Julie ended up in Hawaii. Over the years we lost contact, and marriages, divorces, and moves made it difficult/impossible to find each other. In recent years I was able to connect with my Hawaiian ohana, and through them I made the connection with my sister, via Facebook.Our dinner together with my kids, was the end of our separation. I felt emotional and joyful to finally be with Julie once again. We have another sister who we also want to get connected with very soon. We have a family gathering coming up on Sunday and we’ll get lots of pictures then. We were so busy talking and eating dinner last night that we forgot.



By the way, my new favorite pie is chocolate and haupia. Delish!



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