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For Your Viewing Pleasure

This tiny filly is Rosie, one of the miniature horse foals born here on our farm.  We’ve given up  breeding and showing the minis, but it was a fulfilling hobby back in the day.

Miniature horses are a man made breed and breeding the mares is a huge responsibility.  They’re known to have foaling problems and it’s vital that they be monitored and watched like a hawk .They shouldn’t deliver alone. 

When we were breeding minis,  it didn’t take us long to figure out that we needed a better system for watching the mares.  Horses have an 11 month gestation, and it can go several weeks either way.  We would start watching a mare a few weeks before her due date, and sometimes they would go a few weeks past their due date, leaving us (me) sleepless and miserable.  Our solution was a CCTV.  We put the camera in the foaling stall, and the monitor in the house.  What an improvement!  It made mare stare so much easier. 

Nowadays, there are webcams.  People are setting up their webcams and streaming them live on the internet so that anyone can watch their mare foal.  Some of them have message boards so cam watchers are able to chat while they watch.

Here are some links to miniature horse webcams.  I guarantee that you’ll be fascinated, and maybe hooked on watching and waiting for that foal.



 If you want lots more webcams to peruse, just go to the following link.  It’s a list of webcams on MareStare.com.  There are other breeds of horses there, and even cows, donkeys and sheep I think, and maybe alpacas.


Rosie, grown up.  This is one of my favorite pictures.  Alora was playing with Rosie, while Rosie’s mom Shamrock felt the need to snuffle Alora behind the ear.  Telling secrets!

 I have no idea why the font got so tiny but I don’t know how to fix it, so  put your glasses on 🙂


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