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IrisMy irises are in bloom.  These pale yellow ones in my photo are special.  The bulbs were given to me by my friend Judy, I’m guessing 18 years ago.  Whenever they bloom, I think of my friend.  I’ve divided and shared them so many times.  I wonder if the folks I’ve shared them with think of me whenever they bloom?

Judy and I became friends when our youngest sons were in pre-school.  We started talking and realized we lived in the same neighborhood and so began car-pooling.  That was 35 years ago.  While we raised our young families we talked…on the phone, over coffee in our kitchens, daily.  We helped each other with so much that we faced back then.  Marriages, kids,  families and in-laws, illnesses.  Judy has moved away, and I haven’t seen her for a long time.  I want to see her.  Things have changed.  We both have grown married kids, and grandchildren.  They seem to have pushed out the need for best friends.  We spend all of our time with the kids and their families, knowing how quickly they grow up.  I truly hope that Judy and I will get together again sometime soon.  I miss her.

Speaking of irises and friends, I have another old and dear friend whose name is Iris.  We went to school together, Tech College.  Again, it was car-pooling that threw us together and that was in 1977.  We’re both over achievers and challenged each other throughout our time in school.  As I recall we were top 2 or 3 in GPA, taking turns being number 1.  I’m not sure if my memory is accurate, but she’ll correct me if I’m wrong.  These days, we never see each other.  Our lives have taken different directions.  When we do rarely email or bump into each other we always swear we’ll get together, do lunch, I’ll call you.  We never do.  I don’t know why.  I’ve always thought so much of Iris, always enjoyed her company, trusted her completely.  She’s another one who helped me through hard times, and we had long phone conversations about everything, as often as we could.  I miss her, too.

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