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Paw Flapper dog puzzle

It’s been a long time since I published a blog post.  I just haven’t felt moved to share anything lately.  Recently I bought a puzzle toy for Frankie, and so I’m doing a product review.

This puzzle is the Outward Hound Paw Flapper.  It has 8 treat cups and 4 flapper doors, with scent holes between the doors.  The idea is for the dog to smell and find the treats and use his nose to lift the appropriate door to get the treat.  Frankie caught on very quickly and was able to lift the doors almost right away.  He hasn’t used the scent holes to sniff out the treats yet.  This toy needs a human to supervise because you need to put the doors back down.  Frankie got scared of it when a door attacked him.  He needs to learn to rotate the toy to position the doors over the treat cups.

I like this toy and I think Frankie likes it.

Charlie’s New Toy

He’s watching me. Afraid I’ll touch his snake!

Charlie is one of those STRONG CHEWERS, even an AGGRESSIVE CHEWER.  Buying toys for him was an exercise in futility until we learned that he can destroy most any toy within minutes.  Over the years we’ve found a few toys that take much longer to shred.  He loves anything that  squeaks, but his goal is to get at the squeaker and he soon renders the squeakers silent.  I found the stuffing free toys to be longer lasting, and he even still likes them after he’s killed the squeak.  They’re good for shaking.  He also gets a lot of playtime out of Wubbas. 

Recently I ordered a stuffing free snake from dog.com.  Reading the reviews of the toy, I felt it would be a long-lasting diversion for him.  It’s about 2 feet long, and has sections.  The tail has a rattle, and the body is 3 sections, each with its own squeaker.  The catalog (and reviews) said that the squeakers won’t stop working, even if punctured.  What?  Yay!  A few days later the perfect toy arrived.  Listen to this…Charlie hasn’t let that
Charlie’s favorite things:the snake and the heat vent.

thing out of his sight since I gave it to him.  He adores that snake.  Carries it everywhere with him.  When he goes outside, he carries it right to the door, and only drops it just before he steps out.  He picks it up again the second he’s back inside.  He takes it to bed with him and snuggles his nose into it.  When he’s feeling sociable, he gently bites on it and it talks to him in snake squeaks.  The only time Charlie leaves his snake is while he’s eating.  This has been going on for days, and the bloom is still not off the rose. 

I don’t know why Charlie has fallen in love with this snake.  He’s never taken such a liking to a particular toy before.
 I recommend this toy for dogs who destroy their toys!

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