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I have a core? Who knew!

ImageI have arthritis in my hips, and my doc felt I might benefit from physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around my hips.  I’ve been seeing the physical therapist twice a week, learning exercises to reach that goal and alleviate the pain.  During the course of these PT sessions, the word “core” keeps coming up.  I’ve heard the term before, associated with core strength, core stability, etc.  I never understood its meaning, though. 



ImageI’m from an earlier era.  We didn’t have cores when I was in school and enduring gym classes.  Gym was actually called PE back then, and it was a combination of calisthenics, “health” classes, and square dancing.  I guess you don’t need a core to do jumping jacks and bow to your partner.

Here’s a picture of gym uniforms from back in the day.  Ours were navy blue.

My physical therapist (Linda) did a good job of explaining the core to me, and I found more information at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Core_stability

Now I just have to make Linda understand that ladies don’t sweat.  We get “dewy” 🙂

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