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January/February 2013

jan-13 horses     The first two months of 2013 have been  typically boring for me.  It’s the weather.  It’s cold.  It snows.  The wind blows.  I’m forced to go outside twice a day to care for my animals, but the rest of my time is spent indoors within the confines of my cozy home. We live in the country and   I hate driving on icy winter roads, so I don’t go anywhere alone.  Lee takes me to the grocery store about every 7 to 10 days and we usually also hit the drugstore and have lunch somewhere while we’re in town.  That is my winter life.  It’s why I look forward to spring so fervently.


charlie footWe did have a couple of events that broke up the monotony for us.  Our Boston Terrier Charlie had grown some lumps and warty things that needed to be removed.  There was a large lump on the pad of his paw that turned out to be a benign tumor. We had to keep that paw bandaged for two weeks, and I have to say he really milked it for sympathy.  He held that paw up pathetically whenever anyone was looking at him.  We carried him up and down stairs and such so that he wouldn’t pounce and rip his stitches.  He got to the point where he expected to be carried.  He’s all healed now and he should be able to go for long walks with me when the weather gets nicer.

jd visit jan-13JD made a work related  trip to Wisconsin and stayed with us the nights he was here.  I loved having him here, doing Mom stuff for him.  All three of my children have moved out of state and I just don’t see them often enough.  I miss them.



Looking forward to:  My annual trip to Las Vegas with my Vegas buddy (and sister-in-law) Shirley; A trip to Oklahoma City in July for a family wedding; and long term, a trip to Hawaii in 2014.  These planned vacations keep me alive in winter!


Happy Birthday Charlie

Charlie has a birthday this month, his 9th.  I haven’t written about him lately, so here’s a little update and some recent pictures.
Charlie continues to be incredibly quirky and a little bit crazy.  He’s a Boston Terrier, and that’s how they roll.
One of his quirks is his obsession with making a nest of my clothing and other items he finds.  He only does it when I’m not in the house and it can be pretty funny to see his pile and the treasures he’s amassed.  One of his favorite items is an orange fleece jacket and it’s a recurring theme in his nest.  He especially loves soft and fluffy fabrics. He finds things hanging on hooks, and his technique for snagging them is a jump and grab sort of motion.  He takes things out of the hamper.  He takes shoes and slippers.  He never chews on anything.  He just wants to possess them.  Usually his lime green snaky is a part of the pile.  I’m really impressed with Charlie’s ability to hold a piece of clothing in his mouth and jump with it onto our very high bed.  He sometimes makes his nest on the sofa and will drag things from the bedroom into the living room.
Here are some pictures of Charlie’s nesting.  There’s also a picture of him praying for food to fall from the table and into his mouth.  Some people would call this begging but I prefer to call it praying.

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