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Return to the Backbone

hawaii-leisI recently saw these words in a post on Facebook,  posted by the Bishop Museum:
Hoi hou i ka iwi kuamo’o
The translation they provided is “return to the backbone” . Meaning to return to the homeland or family.
This struck a chord for me, or maybe two chords.  First, we’re working on a return to the homeland.  We plan to make a trip to Hawaii next year, and I’m more than excited to be seriously planning this trip.  Plans are just beginning, and everyone knows that half the fun of taking a trip is planning it.  This return to the homeland will also involve a return to the family.  I have family members there and I’m excited to reconnect and in some cases meet them.
wiThe other chord that was struck  has to do with my own children and grandchildren leaving their “homeland” of Wisconsin and establishing their homes away from us.  As long as we and other family members are still here, there is still a connection to homeland and family.  I wonder how my kids feel toward this homeland, and if their adopted homes have become their homeland now.

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