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The Stray Cat

This fuzzy little bundle of mats, burrs, and bones is the kitty who showed up here a while ago.  As you can see, he’s being tolerated by some of the barn cats now.  I call him Smelly Cat (thanks Phoebe) because the resident cats take a whiff of him and then hiss.  I don’t notice any offensive odor, but I’m not a cat.  I tried so hard to get him to the shelter where they could help him out, but Geeze Louise!  Even though he is a stray they want me to pay them to take him.  Big dollars!  To “surrender” a cat the cost is $50.00 for intact cats, and $25.00 for altered cats.  Are you kidding me?  Does it matter that some of the leashes and collars and supplies they’re using were donated by me?  Nah.

I’m guessing that this cat was owned by someone at one time.  He loves people, doesn’t love other cats, so maybe not a farm cat who wandered.  Was he dumped?  Could be.  Or he could have just strayed from his home and got lost.  No matter.  He’s my problem now.  I can’t pay$ 25, or $50 to get him the help he needs.  I can use that money to feed him and the others.    He’s going to have  to tough it out here.  He’s not the first stray we’ve had here and he won’t be the last.  In fact, we have 10 cats on the farm, spread out in 3 or 4 buildings.  All of them are descended from strays.  Speaking of descendants, it sure would be nice if  some area vet would sponsor a spay/neuter clinic for farm and feral cats.

For the record, I don’t blame the shelter or the people who run it.  I understand that they have rules.  I just really wish there was an option for people like me who want to help the strays, but can’t.  They make it so hard to do the right thing.

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