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Activity in the Fields, at Last!

Our spring has been wet and cold.  Field work has been set back by weeks.

Yesterday, Lee was finally able to get into his fields and actually got some corn seeds into the ground.  It’s being done in a rush, because there’s more rain on the way.

Tonight, Lee is out there in the dark, trying to get more done and stay ahead of the rain.

When I was thinking about what I wanted to write in this brief farming update, I found some pictures that I feel are fascinating.

This first picture is pretty self explanatory.  The farmer is planting his corn seeds with what looks like a one row corn planter, pulled behind two beautiful draft horses.  It must have taken such a long time to plant a field of corn this way.  Times have changed.

The other picture I found is a sharp contrast to the draft horses plodding along, pulling the farmer and his little planter.

This picture shows several tractor and planter combos, working in unison to make short work of a large field.  I wonder how long it takes them to plant an acre.

Lee does all of his field work himself.  There have been times when he’s needed help, but usually not.

I’m happy that there is some progress in planting.  It’s stressful and nerve wracking waiting on the weather, but at least we’re in the fields now.  We’re grateful that we aren’t dealing with flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.

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