A small, family farm in Wisconsin


Sow with her litter of babies

Sow with her litter of babies

Much of our income is derived from the sale of hogs.  Many of our hogs are sold to Loehr’s Meat Service in Campbellsport. Loehr’s sells our pork in their meat market.   We also sell them privately for freezer meat.   Our hogs are raised humanely.  They live outdoors most of their lives with access to sunshine, fresh air, and mud……

Happy as a pig in mud

Happy as a pig in mud

Our hogs don’t get any growth hormones or antibiotics in their feed.

If you live in our area (Fond du Lac/Dodge county, WI) and would like to order a half or whole hog, please contact us using this form.

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  1. Hi, I love your site and am interested in how your birth your hogs? A friend of mine raises sheep and her son wanted to try hogs……not very successfully yet (trial & error…mostly error 🙂 and in the first 2 litters, only 3 pigs lived (total….YIKES). They just had a 3rd sow that gave them 5 live piglets. They are learning 🙂 The first one was on dirt and literally drowned/squished all her babies. The second one, they had on concrete, so a few lived. The 3rd, I am not sure what they changed, but they got 5-6 live piglets out of her. Any wise words I can pass on to help her son be more successful in his pig raising??? I appreciate all you do on the list and all your wisdom!

  2. I’m interested in maybe buying one of your hogs (or partial). I got your info from Maggie Payne. This would be my first experience buying this way — can you tell me how it works? What do you get? About how much do you get? Approximate cost? Thanks!

    Debbie Harrison

  3. Rebecca Pettit said:

    Hi, I am intertested in the same info as Debbie above. Maggie Payne sent me also and I’d like to know how it works and what you get also! Thanks! Rebecca Pettit

  4. Elena Delfosse said:

    Hi–I tried to email your address above but received a failure message. I also got your contact information from Maggie Payne on hogs and I’m wondering what your lead times are and where you send them for butchering (I live in Neenah). Thanks!

  5. From a recent customer who was very pleased with her purchase of pork:

    Comment: Thank you! I have never tasted as rich and delicious pork before we got our whole pig. This is truly the best I have ever tasted. You will realize how bland grocery store bought pork is after you have tasted this pork. Our family will order from you guys again; you have a wonderful product and a loyal customer for years to come!

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