A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Sisters Reunion

sisters   On Wednesday, JD and I drove over to Kailua to pick up my sister Julie, and we brought her back to our rental house for dinner. This is the first time we’ve been together since we were kids…..more than 50 years ago.
Here’s the story.
We are half sisters. We were raised together and apart. I ended up on the mainland, Julie ended up in Hawaii. Over the years we lost contact, and marriages, divorces, and moves made it difficult/impossible to find each other. In recent years I was able to connect with my Hawaiian ohana, and through them I made the connection with my sister, via Facebook.Our dinner together with my kids, was the end of our separation. I felt emotional and joyful to finally be with Julie once again. We have another sister who we also want to get connected with very soon. We have a family gathering coming up on Sunday and we’ll get lots of pictures then. We were so busy talking and eating dinner last night that we forgot.



By the way, my new favorite pie is chocolate and haupia. Delish!




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