A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Oahu Hawaii, Continued

On Monday our blissful time in paradise was interrupted by a canine emergency. A lovely, obviously elderly, pudgy yellow lab was on a neighboring pier. He looked like he was wanting to get into the water, but it was a long way down. He paced on the pier for some time. Eventually his back legs broke through a rotten spot on the pier, and there he was….stuck. His chest and front legs were on the pier, back half was dangling over the water. He tried so hard to pull himself out, and just couldn’t do it. Inevitably he fell into the water. Fortunately the water was shallow, so he wasn’t in danger of drowning. My son JD told his owner, but she couldn’t get him out. The shore is rocky. JD was able to coax him closer to our shore and carried him up out of the water. He had to walk him home though. The dog (Makai) just wanted to stay with JD.Later in the day Makai’s mom brought JD a gift of macadamia nut candies.
After the early morning excitement, we planned our day. JD and Kim went snorkelling. The rest of us went exploring. We drove the Kamehameha hwy, did a little souvenir shopping, and had a fun lunch at Giovanni’s shrimp truck. Ono shrimp scampi. I remember that Guy Fierri reviewed this food truck for Diners Drive Ins and Dives.
It was Nikki’s birthday, so we took her to Hale’iva Joe’s for dinner. The food was pretty good, but it was the open air dining, with an amazing view that made dinner so pleasant.
We’ve had rain every day, but nothing to make us change plans. A little rain, and then a little sunshine. It’s been hot and humid



, so a cooling rain can be nice. The breezes are wonderful.DSCF3972 IMG_20140707_181954 IMG_20140707_191915


Comments on: "Oahu Hawaii, Continued" (2)

  1. Donna Throgmorton said:

    Sounds like tense times but thankfully it turned out good. Hope you all are having a great time. When do you plan to see your family or are they already with you? Love the pics.

    Sonny & Donna

  2. Dinner with my sister tonight, family picnic on Sunday.

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