A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Hawaii Day 2

My 2nd day in paradise started very early.  The time difference is 5 hours, so it’s hard to adjust.  We started with fresh fruit and coffee for breakfast, and then took a trip to a nearby farmer’s market.  I picked up some delicious guava jam, and Kay got a jar of lilikoi butter.  We’ll enjoy them for breakfast in the morning.  The kids decided to go to the Aloha Stadium swap meet and they came back with many wonderful treasures.  They said it was huge, with a lot of walking.

After they returned, we just hung out at our rental house.  The pool was enjoyed, Mai Tais were consumed, and dinner was delicious.  The view from this house is spectacular, and we’re right on the water’s edge so we hear and smell the sea.

Pictures: a fellow who was pounding taro at the farmer’s market, pool time, and JD’s Mai Tais (the long and the short of it)IMG_20140706_082606 IMG_20140706_150305 IMG_20140706_152355


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