A small, family farm in Wisconsin


Yesterday was our travel day, from Wisconsin to Oahu.  It was a long and tiring day, with a 5 hour time difference at the end.  While in Chicago, waiting to board a flight to LA, the airline offered us a deal if we’d give up our seats.  They put us on a non stop to Honolulu, gave us each a $200.00 travel voucher, and when we boarded the new flight we found they had upgraded us to Economy Plus.  It was a very long, 9 hour flight and we were pretty sore and tired by the time we reached Honolulu.  Our luggage had gone on the previous flight so we had to wait for it, and then finally got to the rental place to get our car.  Weather on our arrival was hot and humid, but the ever present breeze was a big help.  After a few wrong turns we were on our way.  JD had grilled steaks waiting for us.  We had a great dinner and then had to crash.  The day of travel wore us out!

These are early morning photos of the view from the deck off our bedroom.

IMG_20140706_054755 IMG_20140706_054825 IMG_20140706_054840


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  1. Joyce LaMarche said:

    I enjoyed the read so thanks for sending to me.. Joyce

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