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The Election is Over








I never intended to tackle religion in this blog, and I hope that’s not what I’m doing now.  I just want to put words to something that’s bothering me today…the day after the election.
During the weeks leading up to the election there were many millions of people who prayed that their candidate would win, and especially often  spoke of His will being done.  They were all so confident that God would do the right thing.  For some of them, their prayers were answered.  For others, not so much.
So the thing that has me puzzled is how so many are now in such despair and crying about how this could have happened.  Wasn’t it God’s will?
I’m pretty sure God’s a Democrat 🙂
And lots of Republicans are apparently moving to another country.


Comments on: "The Election is Over" (1)

  1. Donna Throgmorton said:

    Your post was well said and I think you’re right about the Democrat part. Your brother probably isn’t going to be too happy but oh well. He’ll get over it. God is in control of the situation whether people like it or not. Today’s another day. The election is over and life goes on. Politics is not my thing and isn’t something I’ll ever debate. Guess us Democrats are the heathens of the world.

    Talk to you soon.

    Love ya,


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