A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Dehydrating Pears


The finished pear chips.

Our neighbor gave us some huge, beautiful pears.  Too many to eat before they spoiled.  We ate a few, and I made a pear crisp, and still had pears to use.  I ‘ve dehydrated apples and bananas before but this was my first time drying pears. It was  simple.  I sliced them  thin on the mandolin slicer.  Arranged them on my 5 trays.  I used 4 of those giant pears for this batch.  I then dried them at 125 degrees for 10 hours.  At 10 hours they are very dry but a little chewy.  If I wanted them to be more crisp I would have added drying time.  I didn’t have to do anything to the pears to prepare them.  They’re so sweet and flavorful without any additions.

The sliced pears arranged on the tray and ready for drying.



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  1. I found your wonderful blog. I wonder if you would like to become e-pals? We live at Bloomer, WI. on a small hobby farm. I love writing often on just daily, run of the mill life on a farm with family and animals.

    Here is my blog so you can see what my life is like.


    If interested in writing me, here’s my e-mail address.


    Sherry Ruff

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