A small, family farm in Wisconsin

September 2012 Newsletter

Another season rolls in.  Here in Wisconsin the leaves are turning, the air is sometimes crisp, sometimes warm.  On the warm days the yellow jackets, hornets, and box elder bugs come alive and they’re everywhere.  We’ve already had a killing frost, so our growing season is over.  Lee is out on the combine harvesting soybeans.  Grain prices are up because of the poor crops in much of the country and world.  Hog and lamb prices have gone down.  I just heard today that there is going to be a pork shortage worldwide.  We’ll see.

Collin left for his deployment and called last week to say that he’s settled in.  My goal is to send him a box from home every month.  His birthday is in October, so that box will celebrate his birthday, with a little Halloween/Autumn thrown in.
Some of the other grands have relocated.  A couple have transplanted to new cities, and one to a new apartment.  It seems there’s fallout, a domino effect when families go through traumatic times.

For me, I’m learning that I need to live my own life and not worry so much about the others.  I can only do so much, and the older I get, the more draining it becomes.

We’ve had some very windy days lately and on one of those days a large tree limb came down in Cody’s pen.  I didn’t think he had been hit by the branch at first but later I realized that he did get either hit or grazed on his head.  His left eye was very swollen and the eyeball was hemorrhaged.  Fortunately the swelling went down and I could see that the blood in his eye was reabsorbing.  By the 4th day he was nearly as good as new.  Poor guy.

The kittens continue to grow.  The little female calico went to her new home and is doing very well.  They named her Luna.  I still have the 3 males.  I’ve been advertising them on Freecycle, but the only takers were no-shows.  They’re so entertaining and I waste so much time just watching them play.  I love baby animals 🙂



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