A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Anyone who knows us is very aware that we’re farmers and that we raise hogs, and sheep.  You also know that we eat meat.  This morning I was surfing some word press blogs via Tag Surfer, and  read this one.   I could have written it myself!  I also saw the Oprah Vegan episode and came away from it with similar feelings.

That’s all I’m going to say and I’ll just let you read the post from The Pleasant Farm.


Comments on: "Sharing a Post by Another Blogger" (2)

  1. I’ll be smoking two pork butts for a party tomorrow night. I really hope they come from your farm.

  2. Nice blog but . . . I am fine eating meat if I don’t think about where it comes from, if I think about it, and the picture of the steak made me think about it, I get nauseaus. (Of course you already knew that about me!)

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