A small, family farm in Wisconsin

*It’s SO cold that  if you wear glasses, they will freeze your face wherever they touch skin, causing serious pain.
*It’s SO cold that the layers of clothes we wear make it nearly impossible to move, and forget about hurrying.  Thank goodness for cell phones, because I truly did fall backwards into a deep drift and due to the deep snow and my cold weather attire I was stuck.  Called Lee, who came to my rescue and hauled my butt out of the drift.
It’s SO cold that the balls of horse poo freeze hard as rocks.  The disadvantage is that it’s like stepping on rocks, and ankles will twist.  The frozen balls also get stuck between the tines of the stable fork and have to be removed by hand.  This slows the process of stall cleaning considerably.  The advantage is that the cats get some rousing games of horse poo hockey going and if you can stand being out in the cold long enough to watch, it’s very entertaining.
It’s SO cold that, after being outside for a while, a hot shower is a good idea, but  the hot water turns cold as it runs down your body!
I could go on, but you get the idea.

In other news, Nikki, Ken, Alora, Cameron, and Connor have arrived safely in Scotland, where they have relocated from Wisconsin.  In this picture, they were in Copenhagen during a layover and a plane change.



And here they are in a train station (I think).  They spent a couple of days doing touristy things in and around London.  They’re now in Scotland and we’re waiting for them to get internet and phone service hooked up so we can communicate.


Comments on: "How Cold is It? and More…" (1)

  1. Now that’s just pretty darn cold! You 2 (and Charlie) keep yourselves safe.

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