A small, family farm in Wisconsin

This is Wisconsin.  The weather is easy to predict.  In winter it’s cold and snowy.  In summer it’s hot, humid, and buggy.  Guess what season this is….

We had a blizzard, which we shared with several other states.  It’s early for blizzards here, but we got it anyway.

I took a few pictures of the farm, after Lee had pushed snow out of all the paths, pens, and yards.  It took him a full day to get it all moved away, in seriously frigid conditions.  His reward for all of his hard work was to get out his snowmobile and go play in the same seriously frigid conditions.  The man is crazy!

I chose to stay in as much as possible, doing some Christmas baking (which warms up the house).

It’s going to be a long winter.


Comments on: "Snow? Sure! How Much do you need?" (5)

  1. This will make you laugh.

    We were on our cruise to Mexico this week and were whining because it was only in the low 70s while we were there. It got down into the teens here in Birmingham while we were away, which is seriously cold for this part of the world. No snow, though. I really would like a nice two inch blizzard here. I’d love to see some this winter.

    • Um uncle Hank? Two inches of snow is NOT a blizzard. We call that a dusting. Although I guess two inches is a lot in some peoples book…

  2. I’m getting a chuckle out of 70’s being whine-worthy 🙂
    I guess that 2″ would be serious business in the south. I think I could handle a 2″ blizzard too.

  3. I thought you guys would think that was funny. It’s been decades since I’ve seen enough snow to make a snowball or a snowman.

  4. I thought my comment was sent but I can’t see that it did so I’ll respond again.

    We call 2 inches of snow a dusting also, well almost. What I would give though to be there and get to ride on the snowmobile. I have always wanted to go snowmobiling and never have had the opportunity. We almost bought one back in the 80’s when we use to have heavy snows but it quit snowing so much and we never made the purchase. Couldn’t have used it anyway without snow.

    Sonny wants to know if the geese have left Horicon? He thinks they probably have with your bad weather.

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