A small, family farm in Wisconsin

We have a delicious tradition in our family.  Way back when the kids were tiny we began the Strawberry Shortcake for Dinner tradition.   As you might imagine, it arose out of necessity and exhaustion.  Every year in June, when the strawberries were ripe and ready, we had our strawberry picking adventure.  The whole family piled in the car and we went to the berry farm to pick our own strawberries.  After an hour or so of picking and eating we piled back into the car and headed home with our bounty.  At this point everyone else abandoned me and fell into strawberry induced comas.  I was left to deal with the flats of beautiful berries.  By the time I was finished with the berry cleaning, jam making, and freezer filling, I was too tired to make dinner so we had strawberry shortcake.  No meat, potatoes, or veggies.  Just strawberry shortcake.  I always made the Bisquick shortcake and still do, most of the time.  Sometimes I’m lazy and we use the ready-made little round sponge cakes but they don’t taste right.  So, our  neighbor who owns the strawberry farm brought us a flat of his beautiful strawberries, and of course we had to have strawberry shortcake for dinner.  Thank you so much, Dave.

  That didn’t make much of a dent in the flat, so I cleaned and flash froze 2 quarts.  Lee likes to make smoothies with frozen fruits.  Lee ate close to a quart of fresh berries all by himself, but that still left me with 5 quarts to deal with.

I used 4 quarts to make freezer jam.  It’s going to be very much appreciated in the dead of winter on home-made biscuits.

The last of the berries I lightly sweetened and added balsamic vinegar.  Served on vanilla or plain yogurt this makes a nice dessert or breakfast.  Nikki turned me on to this combo, so thanks, Nikki!


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