A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Can I help you?

Mikey is one of my two favorite barn cats.  He’s a young cat, just a year old.  What makes him stand out from the crowd is his size, and his personality.  This is a huge barn kitty.  Most farm cats are fairly small , as cats go, but Mikey is a giant among cats.  He’s a gentle giant, though.  Mikey is sweet, loyal, and laid back.  In the photo on the left, he’s lying in a feed pan, on his back, and asking me why I woke him.   Everyone loves Mikey.  Our tenants have a little boy who is afraid of animals, but he loves Mikey and talks about him every day.

I named Mikey after my brother Mike.   They share very similar personalities, and they’re both gentle giants.  I have to say though, that it’s a mistake naming a pet after a real person.  Mikey the cat disappeared for a few days and  I was beside myself.  He did come back home, but I just felt so badly about Mike’s kitty namesake possibly meeting a terrible fate.

Still in the feed pan. Silly kitty.



The last picture for today is self-explanatory, Mikey doing what he does best.

Yes, he's asleep. Under the birdfeeders.


Comments on: "Mikey’s a Big, Lovable Lug" (1)

  1. Only question is, does he snore like Mike? How adorable.

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