A small, family farm in Wisconsin

You might have noticed that the background theme of the blog has changed.  I was tired of the coolness and serenity of the blue theme I had been using for so long, and I needed something green and springish.

We’ve been taking care of business on the farm.  The farrier was here to trim the horse’s hooves.  We do that every few weeks.  The vet came and gave them their vaccinations.  We only have to do that annually so we’re good now until next spring.  We’re so fortunate to have a vet who will barter for her services.  We provide her with pork in exchange for vet work. 

The sheep shearer was here to clip the wool off of the sheep.  We have it done shortly before they lamb every year.  They’ll begin lambing around April 13.  It never fails that the weather is cold/bad on the day we shear.  Poor things are naked and the temps plummet.  They do have a nice barn to go in and keep warm, and they make good use of it for the first few days while they get used to their lack of wool.  Here’s a bit of sheep and wool trivia….the fleece of each sheep weighs 7-10 pounds.  A sheared sheep takes up 1/3 less space in the barn.  You can make 2 adult size sweaters from the yarn of 1 sheep fleece.

Now, on to the family news.

Nikki and Ken spent last week in Oklahoma, and attended Collin’s graduation from basic training.  This picture is of Nikki and Collin.  Collin should be in Georgia now, if his flight ever left Oklahoma.  They had some very nasty weather with snow and ice.  Nikki and Ken had a rough drive home on the weekend.  They were also able to spend some time with JD and his family.  We’re so very proud of Collin.

This little bundle of cuteness is Payten Margaret, who joined our family on March 20.  The proud parents are Paige and Lucas.  Payten was 8lb. 5 oz. and 21 inches long.  She was delivered by c-section.  Being born into this large family assures her of lots of love and attention.  We love babies 🙂

Speaking of babies, my barn cat Sissy has a kitten.


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