A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Mid Winter

It’s the end of January and the farm is quiet.  Brutal cold keeps us indoors a lot.  We had a January thaw, and much of the snow has melted.  Because of that, Lee can’t indulge in his favorite winter pastime, snowmobiling.  It feels like we’re just killing time, waiting for Spring and the warmth and promise that it brings. 

This morning it was below zero again, but the sun is shining and the winds are calm, so it feels, and looks warmer than it is.  I took this picture at noon, and the temperature was a balmy 8 degrees. 

Lee has been passing his time helping our neighbor.  The neighbor owns a U-Pick strawberry farm, and he and Lee are finding things to do there.  Lee enjoys getting off the farm.  It breaks the monotony of the day-to-day chores here.

One of my winter activities is feeding the birds.  I enjoy watching them eating and fussing at each other.  You truly understand what “pecking order” means when you observe wild birds at the feeders.  We have woodpeckers at our feeders.  Downy and Hairy, and I can never remember which is which, no matter how many times I look them up in my books.  One is larger than the other.  We also have Red Bellied Woodpeckers.  They’re large and feisty.  They aren’t shy and will call and scold if they feel neglected.

When we turn the calendar to February  I always feel like we’ve turned  a big corner.  We can see that spring is closer and the temps will start inching toward warmer.  Here in the north, we don’t realistically see spring until April, and even then we are likely going to see some dandy snowstorms, but the snow will melt quickly. 

 When our world turns to  boot sucking, tractor swallowing mud, we know spring is here.


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