A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Those who know us, or know farming, are aware of the kind of year we had in 2009.  It really was an awful year.  The weather killed us.  Yields were down.  Prices were down.  It was just a bad year to be a farmer. 

The other day our neighbor was in his unharvested cornfields, with his combine, making a pretty good stab at getting some of his corn harvested.  He really was able to make progress and get some of it hauled to town in his grain truck.  If you’re from a northern area, you understand how bizarre this seems.  Here in Wisconsin we have lots of snow on the ground.  To see a big combine in a corn field that is completely snow-covered is just crazy.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

We know what a bad year it was because we lived it and we’re still living with the consequences.  We just had our taxes done by the accountant and it’s not pretty.  Here’s a graph I found that shows how much net  farming income  fell in the US.  Here in Wisconsin, it was down 56% from 2008.

The good news is that 2010 is starting off on the right foot.  Our hogs are getting good prices this month and we really appreciate that.  It’s good to start the year with a positive.

So there you have it.  Every day is a gamble here, and on all farms.  Lee is way more addicted to farming than I am 🙂


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