A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Little Winter Ponies


I’ve been thinking about how I’m enjoying my ponies so much more this winter than I ever have before. It’s the same old Wisconsin winter. Nothing new there. It’s the same old me. Definitely nothing new here .The reason I’m enjoying them more is because I only have 5 of them to take care of. It’s easy and fast to take care of their needs, giving me more time to visit and talk to them, fuss with them, marvel at how beautiful and clever and cute they are. There’s no stress in doing chores. I don’t have to hurry so that I can get on to other things. Life would be so different if I didn’t have my horses to care for. They force me to get outside in the fresh (cold) air twice a day, moving my body and using my brain . I think everyone should have a pony to take care of. 





Comments on: "Little Winter Ponies" (4)

  1. Carol, What’s the difference between a pony and a miniature horse?

    • In this case I use the word pony as an endearment. I also call them my babies. Technically all registered American Miniature Horses are ponies, because the definition of a pony is any horse under 14.2 hands high. Some mini horse owners will get in a snit if you call them ponies, but I don’t care what you call them. Minis aren’t officially measured in hands, but if they were, they would probably be 8hh-9hh. In comparison, full size horses can run 15 or more hh, and the big drafties go 17hh or better. Just generalizing.

  2. Okay, one more dumb question. How many inches to a hand?

    • A hand is 4 inches (I think. I guess I should look it up) Full size horses are measured from the ground to the withers, which is a bony point on the lower end of the neck, around the shoulders. Minis are measured in inches from the ground to the last hair of the mane. Silly to be so different. Minis are a height breed. Division A are up to 34″ and Division B are over 34″ to 38″.

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