A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Can I be Happy in Winter?

I don’t think I can be happy in Wisconsin in winter.  Winters here are long, and harsh.  I’ve lived here most of my life, but I still feel like it’s just temporary.  A move to warmer climes is just around the corner…or not.  These are  pictures of the farm in winter.  

 We recently had a blizzard, with over a foot of snow.  Then it got cold.  As I write this the temperature is  2.3F.  Lee and I have to go out in the cold and snow twice every day (minimum) to care for our livestock.  People who don’t know farming think that winter is our vacation time and we have nothing to do until spring.  In truth, winter is just plain hard.  Everything takes longer.  Things freeze and need to be thawed.  Animals need extra care to keep them warm.  Our hands crack and bleed from the cold dry air.

I’ll bet you don’t know what this is.  It’s Charlie’s emergency poop circle :).  Just out the front door.  When the snow is very deep, and the dog needs to go out, this is what you do.   I took the picture last year, but it happens several times every winter.  Charlie hates winter too.  We’ll never get used to it.


Comments on: "Can I be Happy in Winter?" (2)

  1. Yikes! I’ll never complain about the cold again!

  2. I made your cookies. I love them!! Thanks for the recipe. Stay warm. We love you!!

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