A small, family farm in Wisconsin

wet fall cornThis dreary picture tells the whole story.  Clouds, rain, crops still standing in wet fields.  The ears of corn are molding on the stalks.  Soybeans are still not harvested.  We’re not alone, it’s the same sad tale for many farmers.   Sometimes I feel like we’re crazy to keep trying to make a living on the farm.


Soggy fallWelcome to my world.  It’s wet here.  Everything is soggy.  We haven’t seen much sun in the last few weeks.  This kitty is wanting to get his paws clean, but he’s fighting a losing battle.  He lives in mud city.



StarhyperSay Hi to Star.  She’s a crazy little mare.  In this picture she’s outside playing while I clean her stall.  The wind and the cold air have made her frisky.  Click on any picture to get the full version.




Mikey and sassy

Mikey and Sassy.  Mikey is everyone’s favorite kitty.  He’s a big lug, friendly with all, has a great little motor.  Sassy is a sweetie too, but more discriminating.  She mostly loves me and sometimes Lee.


CatHorse HayrackTiger (the cat) likes to hide in the horse’s hay, whether it’s on the ground or in a hay rack like it is here.  He’s possessive of his hay bed.  Poor Cody got his nose swatted every time he tried to take a bite of his hay.  Tiger eventually got tired of the game and left.  Cody was relieved. 





Comments on: "Morning Snapshots from the Farm" (2)

  1. Really good pictures, Carol! Sorry you are having such dreary weather. Too many days like that and I am ready for the state hospital!!
    We are warming up from our super cold. The next few days should go up to the 50’s I hope. And the sun is out thank goodness. But I still dread the next 6 or 7 months of winter. 😦

    The picture of Star is so cute! She is really pretty!
    And so are the kittys of course! 🙂

    Susan O.

  2. It’s going to be in the mid 70s and sunny here tomorrow. It’s been beautifiul all week. If you leave now, you should get here by late morning.

    And you’re right–Mikey is the bomb!

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