A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Stuff I Like

Let me just get a couple of things out of the way.  This is a post about some things I love.  Notice it’s things, not people.  All of the people I love know that they’re my favorite.

I’m not Oprah.  Consequently, my favorite things are going to be much less costly and way more practical than Oprah’s.  That’s OK.  You  might like them too.

I love birthday cake.  Real birthday cake with real buttercream icing.  Not that fluffy crap.

Nips_ImagePearson Nips, the coffee flavor.  My maternal grandmother turned me on to these things when I was a little girl.  She used to keep a tin of them under her bed, and every day after lunch she retired to her room to read, and  enjoy one or two coffee Nips.  Being diabetic, I don’t indulge in Nips or birthday cake often, but that makes them that much more special when I do allow myself to enjoy them. 

No, this isn’t a theme.  I think I’m finished with the food faves.

bodycreamBodycology body cream.  I completely adore the vanilla amber musk fragrance, but apparently that scent is no longer available in my area, or online.  There are several of their fragrances that I really like, so I know I’ll find a new favorite .  Right now I’m trying the Vanilla Romance, and next I’ll try the Brown Sugar Vanilla.  


This isn’t a “thing”, it’s a state of mind.  I love being a grandmother.  I do it lots better than I did the Mom job.

The technology that means the most to me is my computer, combined with my digital camera.  It doesn’t matter what the brands are, I just love being able to put them together and share my photos.  I can use my pictures for evidence, or to prove a point, or to share something funny or adorably cute, and do it right away.  I love that.


This book was a Christmas gift from Lee.  It’s the Smithsonian Birds of North America , Fred J. Alsop III,and what a nice book it is.  It’s huge and heavy, so definitely not a field guide, but it contains “Life histories of more than 930 species”.  The pictures are very nice and there’s good information about each bird.  A  book that any bird watcher would be happy to own.


I love a nice, warm bed.  Here in the frozen tundra, it gets mighty cold.  I can’t live without my heated mattress pad.  It’s much superior to a heated blanket.  Another winter bed warmer is flannel sheets.  Try them!

I love Boston Terriers.

I also love miniature horses.   And kitties.


Splenda Minis.  They’re tiny tablets that contain half as much sweetener as the packets.  Just the perfect amount for my coffee.   I don’t like having to guess and sprinkle the right amount (half the package) into my cup.  I never get it right, and then I sometimes have to throw away the unused portion.  Wasteful.  These minis are not easy to find!  I think I can order them from Splenda online.


Finally, anyone who knows me at all, knows that Las Vegas is my happy place.

Feel free to share your faves in the comments.  I’d like to know what you love.



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  1. I loved this post Carol, and I’m going to completely steal your idea for my own little web space.

    I’m going to have to think about this a while, but I’m pretty sure you won’t find any Oprahesque items on my list either.

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