A small, family farm in Wisconsin

A Little Bit of Harvest

combine beans2This year hasn’t been the best as far as farming is concerned.  Weather and growing conditions have been uncooperative for farmers attempting to grow crops all around the country.  My cousin in Kentucky is having similar problems to ours here in Wisconsin.   Happy news for us, Lee was able to work on harvesting soybeans yesterday.  He worked from  late morning after the dew had dried, until 10 last night, when the evening dew began adding too much moisture to the beans.

combinebeansToday is a different story.  It’s cloudy and drizzling a bit, with serious rain in the forecast for later.  That puts an end to the soybean harvest for now.  It looks like there’s a lot of rain in the forecast for the next few days  We really just need a break. 

beans in wagonWhenever my family comes to visit, they take lots of pictures of life on the farm, and they keep me well supplied with photos.  The pictures in this post were taken by my cousin Ron.  Thanks Ron!


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  1. Here’s an update on the soybean harvest….none. It’s been raining, and raining. Not enough dry weather between the raindrops. We’re not seeing a break any time in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed!

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