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No Sister for Me

Little_Girls_Vict_Tea_PartyI don’t have a sister.  There’s a vacancy where a sister should be.  All my life I’ve wanted a sister, and when I was a little girl I wanted one so badly that I made one up.  Her name was Cookie, and she was my imaginary friend.  I don’t remember how long Cookie lived with us, but I do remember that my parents were incredibly patient with me, even allowing Cookie to have her own place at the dinner table.   There was distance between me and my only female cousin Marilyn, but whenever we were able to be together as youngsters, we pretended we were twins.  Hilarious, because anyone who knew us as children, knew that I was tall and dark, and she was tiny and blonde, and we were Mutt and Jeff.  We really wanted to be sisters. 

 I envy those of my friends who have sisters, which is most of my friends.  They have such a strong bond, a shared history and memories.  Although I don’t have a sister, I am a sister.  I have brothers.  Oh woe is me.  Brothers are boys.  They’re guys.  I love my brothers dearly,  but guys just don’t get it. 

I have two daughters.  They each have a sister!  Do they love this sisterly sisterhood?  Not really.  It’s just too sad that they don’t take advantage of this thing I’ve yearned for all my life.  I hope they figure it out before it’s too late.

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life. ~Isadora James


Comments on: "No Sister for Me" (3)

  1. Joyce LaMarche said:

    Carol, I don’t have a sister either and no brothers either. When I married Tom I gained a sister-in-law and a brother-in-law, so that’s as close as I ever got to a sister or brother. Maybe we could “adpot” each other.

  2. Carol, I do Have one sis.. Shar.. she started out life as Sharron Irene..and is a good bit older than I am, and we hated to have to share our bedroom. Her side was immaculate and mine was…well, less then! !
    She had boyfriends and I wanted one too. but I was only 12 when she married her life long partner, Herm, and stared raising their 7 girls and one boy! ! So, then I was really alone, and pretended to have horses to play with as well as the real ones I did have.
    We were never really close, tho we always have known we would be there for the other one, no matter what.. and we have been.
    Then our Mom got ill, and only 6 weeks before she died, we were takng care of her.. taking turns sleeping on the floor. But, when I found out it was making her back hurt, I took the floor, and let her have the bed, every night. She has thanked my several times for that! ! Silly, I would do that for any one, but it felt wonderful to do that for my sis! !
    We learned with our time with out Mom’s last days, that we needed to be more like sisters, and act like them, too.
    She now lives an hour a way, but we are in contact all the time. We share our selves with each other.. and our kids and kid’s kids!! !
    Oh, and I did not have a Sister friend named Cookie.. Mine was my imaginary horse, named Cookie ! ! SHE was magical and could do any thing.. even lived in a tree house My Dad made for me! !

  3. I am from a family of 3 sisters and one brother. I am only close to 2 of my sisters. I use to be close to my brother but then I moved. My other sister is the oldest and I am the baby of the family and although we love each other we never talk.
    The 2 sisters I do have are great but they don’t know much about web blogging. It would be nice if you were my web blog sister and tell me how to do these Blogs as I am having such a hard time. Most the time I am computer savy, really good at the things I do, but this program has just gotten the best of me. 😦
    Maybe one day when you have the time you can fill me in on how to do this program.
    Thanks and Oh you don’t have to be a blood sister to be a sister.
    Just thought that I would add that as great friends make great sisters too!
    Just me… you know…:-)

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