A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Too Busy

clean-your-houseI’m just too busy to post.  Fall is always busy here, but more so right now.  I’m forced to do my fall cleaning.  Does anyone do seasonal cleaning any more?  Spring and fall cleaning?  Window washing?  I’ve always done it and I guess I always will.  I’m doing a big, serious house cleaning because we’ll be having company…sleep over company.  I do NOT want to be the subject of family gossip!  No one will criticize my housekeeping skills if I have anything to say about it.  There will be no cobwebs here.  No dusty, neglected corners.  Beds will be clean and fresh and smell great.  Windows will sparkle.  Maybe my ambitions are a bit bigger than my vacuum, but it’ll be a lot cleaner when I’m done.

cookingLadyI’m cooking, too.  Baking and freezing at this point.  We’re feeding about 50 people on the Sunday of our big weekend.  Yes, I’m busy, but it makes me happy.  I’m going to be spending time with people I love who I don’t see every day.  I’m happy to report that Lee has jumped on my obsessive little band wagon and is  attending to some of his neglected projects.  Yay Lee!  Now I’d like Charlie to do his part to keep his toys picked up and his hair from  shedding.

charlie cutout


Comments on: "Too Busy" (3)

  1. Well, when you’ve finished your windows take 151 south for about 45 minutes and come do mine! The house will be beautiful, don’t over do it! Tell Charlie if he can’t put his toys away he can’t play with them.


  2. I wish all four of us could come!!! I know Mike and Phil wish they could stay longer too! Be sure everyone takes lots of pix and videos. Will there be another watermelon-eating contest? I will be there in my thoughts. Hopefully we can all get together before long…Love, Jen

    • Jen, we’re SO sad that you and Katie won’t be coming. No watermelon this time, but maybe pumpkin carving. We’ll take tons of pix. Love and hugs, Carol

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