A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Are you Ready?

Being the planner/organizer/list maker that I am, I’m well into the “get it done” phase of the party in October.  The occasion is the celebration of the marriage of JD and Kim, and the blending of their two families.  I’m doing my fall cleaning a little early, and nagging Lee to get his part of the cleaning at least started.  Think dirty garages.  Since the party is in October, and  both JD and Kim have German heritage, we have a theme.  Oh yay!  A theme! 

oktoberfest-2008Yes, ladies and gentlemen, bring your appetite for sauerkraut, wurst, pretzels and beer, and save room for the roast pork.   Everyone in this family loves to eat good food and I promise there will be plenty of it prepared with lots of love.


bigjoebgFood isn’t the only attraction though.  We must have music and dancing!  Not just any music, but at least a couple of polkas.  This crowd loves to polka!  The more beer they drink, the more they love to polka.  That must be the origin of the Beer barrel Polka?

And speaking of dancing, no wedding celebration is complete without the ever popular chicken dance.  Be sure to practice your chicken dancing skills before you get here.  chicken_dancing_chicken_dance_hg_clrWe don’t want you making a fool of yourself in front of all the relatives.  Tongues might wag.  If you need a little refresher course in chicken dancing, just click on the chicken  picture and he’ll (I think he’s a rooster?) show you the basics.


So bring your appetite, your dancing shoes, your lederhosen and your giant tuba

giant_tubaand be prepared to be fed, entertained, amused, and exercised.

If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, don’t wait too long. 

See you on Oct. 11th!


Comments on: "Are you Ready?" (2)

  1. I’m working on my chicken dance now.

  2. I have no idea how to chicken dance! Yikes–I don’t think it will be a pretty sight.

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