A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Fall Happens

crane familyA sign of impending Fall is the birds coming together in flocks, feeding and getting ready for the long flight south.  Yesterday there was a group of about 40-50 sandhill cranes in a field down the road from us.   The little family I’ve been watching all summer is still intact, 2 youngsters and their parents.  I took their picture yesterday.  Click on it to see it full size.  I’m thrilled that they managed to raise both chicks with no mishaps.  They feed every day in the hay field behind  the house and I’ve enjoyed watching the little ones grow. 

birdsonawire Most of the barn swallows have left.  There are a few stragglers still here, the ones that nested late.  Lee just had a nest full of fledgelings leave his barn.  The barn swallows gather and start perching on the wires shortly before they fly away for the winter.  My favorite barn swallow characteristic is the way the babies know to  turn around and hang their butts over the side of the nest to poop.  I’m in awe of their instincts, but  it just makes me giggle to see them do that.

flock_geeseNo entry about fall birds would be complete without a mention of the Canada Geese.  Did you notice that I wrote Canada and not Canadian?  They’re not Canadian geese, they’re Canada Geese.  I just had to get that off my chest.  Living on the edge of the Horicon Marsh  like we do, we  see the spring and fall migration of the geese first hand.  They won’t be going south for several weeks, but they’re getting together in more organized flocks and making lots of noise when they fly over us.

I could go on and on about the birds we’re privileged to see here.  Did I mention that I’m a bird watcher?   I could tell you about the American White Pelicans that fly over daily, and  the Tundra Swans we see frequently, and the Whooping Crane that lives with the Sandhills,  but I won’t 🙂


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  1. No signs of fall yet here in central Alabama, but it’s been a milder summer overall than last year.

    We have Canada geese here year round, and in the winter we can have well over 50 at a time on the small pond near our house.

    We have a hummingbird feeder by our kitchen window, and it’s drawing a crowd right now. They showed up late this year, but it’s a blast watching them fight for landing rights on the feeder.

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