A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Charlie takes on Violet

charlieyard2THE PLAYERS

Charlie: Six year old Boston Terrier.  Silly, naughty, disobedient, and fearless.  Charlie is a spoiled and pampered little lap dog.

Violet: Also six years old, a hardy and rugged farm cat who has never seen the inside of a house.  She loves her Mommy (me) and hates everyone else in this world, including people, other cats, and small spoiled dogs.


Violet loves me so much that she waits for me twice every day in the bushes outside our front door.  She will then accompany me to the horse barn and stay with me while I work.  She walks me back home and disappears until next time.  Every night I sit in a lawn chair for a few minutes with Violet drooling and purring in my lap.

When Charlie goes outside to potty, he knows that Violet will often be there and he looks for her under her favorite bush.  If she’s there, she rewards him with a hiss and a spit.  He loves that.  Charlie is always tied when he goes out.  We’re no dummies.


Yesterday, Charlie had to go out.  He checked out Violet’s parking place, and sure enough, there she was.  Charlie is a stupid little dog.  He challenged the fury that is Violet.  She arched her back and fluffed herself up and flew at him with claws bared.  When it was over, Charlie was yipping, then barking, then bleeding.  She got him right on the top of his nose.


Did I mention that Charlie is a stupid little dog?   Apparently he didn’t understand that there’s a lesson to be learned here.  He’s still looking for Violet under the bush.

Violet?  She’s still ticked.






Comments on: "Charlie takes on Violet" (4)

  1. Cat: 1
    Stupid Dog: 0

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