A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Sweet Corn

sweet cornWhen I went to town today, Kok’s had their sweet corn stand open for business.  I’m always hungry for the first fresh corn of the season, so I stopped and bought 6 ears.  Some years it’s disappointing and doesn’t live up to my expectations, but this year’s corn is wonderful.  We had only corn for dinner tonight, and it brought back good memories for both Lee and I.  Lee remembers that when he was a kid his Mom would put a meal of fresh corn and bread on the table.  I have no such memory of my childhood but I did the same for my family when I was raising  kids.  I’m sure my 3 kids have fond memories of our only sweet corn dinners.   I did the same thing with fresh strawberries.  We’d go pick berries at the pick- your -own berry farm, spend hours cleaning them, freezing them, making jam with them, and our reward at the end of the day was an all strawberry shortcake dinner.  The kids loved it.  No healthy stuff.  Just fresh berries with homemade shortcake and whipped cream.

Back on the subject of corn, we live in corn world here in Wisconsin.  Sweet corn is grown, and there are canning factories nearby to can it fresh from the fields.  The corn roast is a summer tradition.  Many towns have their own summer festivals and often there’s a corn roast involved.  The corn is corn%20buttergrilled over an open fire, or in some cases it’s steamed at the canning factory and brought hot to the festival site.  The corn is  not shucked before cooking, so the ear of corn  has the shuck pulled down to be used as a handle.  It’s dipped into a big can of melted butter, and salted to taste.   At the end, butter is everywhere, but it’s such a delicious treat.


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  1. Hank Henley said:

    I love corn fresh from the fields. Don’t know if you know this, but Teri is an Iowa farm girl and her family members back in Iowa still grow their own corn. Mostly feed corn and lots of soybeans, but every year they also plant some sweet corn, and this time of year it goes straight from the field into the already boiling pot. So good!

    • Sadly, I don’t know anything about Teri. I hope we can remedy that sometime in the future.
      We’ve never grown our own sweet corn on this farm, but our neighbors have, and we’ve had many meals of “midnight corn” (corn picked under the cover of darkness). No fun after the neighbors gave us permission to pick it.

  2. Ahh, the memories! I do the same for my kids and tell them the stories of our sweet corn or strawberry dinners. And you wonder (or not) where we got the idea that family time and memories are centered around food! -Even if it’s just a cup of coffee or tea.

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