A small, family farm in Wisconsin

No Pets, No exceptions

We have two homes on our farm.  Lee and I live in one of them, we rent the other out.  Over the years we’ve had some damages caused by pets, but we’re gluttons for punishment and continue to allow “well behaved” pets.  Until recently.  We had a new tenant, a single lady with 2 dogs.    She moved her things in over the 4th of July weekend, stayed 2 nights, and moved out.  Here’s the story…..

Our tenant worked second shift.  She left the house at 1 PM.  At about 7 PM, I look out my window and see one of her dogs, in the yard.  Since she had left them in the house, this wasn’t good. screen Lee and I were able to get him back into the house, and discovered that he had ripped out the screen of an open window and jumped out.  We also found that he/they had trashed the house.    If it matters, and it might, the dogs are Huskies.


rods2Drapes and rods were down and destroyed.  Shades and blinds were in shreds.  3 screens were ripped.  We settled the dogs back in, closed all the windows (we thought) and left.  Five minutes later, the dog was out, this time chasing the sheep.  He caught a lamb and started to savage him but Lee was there and again caught the dog.  We put the dog back in the house and re-checked the windows.   This time we were confident that all windows were secure.  He didn’t get out again.  Here are a couple more pictures of damages.  Apparently the dogs are not as housebroken as their owner believed.  They’re good at breaking houses, though!

blinddog pee

The lamb is doing well.  He had some puncture wounds on his neck, and he was in shock and traumatized for a day or so, but he’s healed and fine now.  The tenant  moved her dogs the next morning and moved out that weekend.  We’re in the process of repairing the damages.

You can click on any of the picture thumbnails to view the full size version.

The lesson we learned?  No pets, no exceptions!


Comments on: "No Pets, No exceptions" (4)

  1. Joyce LaMarche said:

    Bet she is the shortest tenant on record and what a lot of damage you have to contend with before you can rent again. Sorry for the little lamb too and all your extra work and expense. You are wise to have “no pets for all future tenants.” It is no pets in our rental house unless it is a parrot or parakeet in a cage or an aquarium of fish. What a blessing our new tenant, Linda, is when I hear about your problems.

  2. Jeanne Murphy said:

    Man, Carol, what a mess. and in such a short time.. I am so glad that the dogs did not go after Charlie! ! ! He would have been a squeaky toy for them.
    I am so sorry that you have all that damage to repair, and all the extra work, plus the smelly carpet to take care of !! What a mess !!

    Can I and my 17 minis, two doggie gals and one cat come rent from you??? Tee Hee.. it looks like a very nice home.

    Blessings that you now find a good PET FREE renter !!

  3. Carole & Critters! said:

    What a mess and yes I believe a husky would do all of this and more, you were lucky to be home, or you would have had lots of dead sheep. I know what huskies are like from experience.

  4. Been there, done that, and won’t do it again. We had about the same circumstance and the dog pee ruint the hardwood floors under the carpet.

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