A small, family farm in Wisconsin

Farm Cats

Bunny  9 weeks


Cats are a given on farms.  When Lee and I got married, there were way too many wild/feral cats here.  Nature has a way of taking care of overpopulation, and at some point most of the cats died off due to a virulent cat disease of some sort.  Over the years, we’ve had cats come and go.   We didn’t look for cats, and actually wanted to go catless for a year or so, because of the disease that might stll be lurking here.  Neighbors have brought us cats, asking us to take them in.  Usually abandoned kittens, and usually they’re sick.    We have some cats that have been around for a good while.  Violet and Willie are siblings.  They had another brother (Danny) who died young.  Violet has never had kittens and is obviously sterile.  They’re about 5-6 years old.  Willie comes and goes.  Whenever we think we’ve seen the last of him he shows up again for a while.  Last time I saw him was late fall/early winter of last year.  He was looking sick, and stayed for about 3 weeks.

Violet and Willie

Violet and Willie

I hope I see him again.  He’s a bit wild, but he knows me and lets me touch him.  Violet is a pet and loves for me to hold her in my lap.  She only likes me and will run from others.

A couple of years ago a big  male showed up here.  He’s solid black and looks like a panther.  He’s beautiful.  Very wild and  he won’t stick around if there are humans near.  He lives in the machine shed where we keep cat food available all the time.  Violet likes him, I think.  A while back we realized that Violet and Blackie (we don’t work at finding great names for our cats) are not able to keep up with the mouse patrolling duties in our several buildings, so we  accepted 3 orphan kittens from our neighbor’s sister.  As usual, they were sick.  I nursed them back to health the best I could, and vaccinated them.  The 2 boys  relapsed later on and eventually they both died.  The female, who I call Sissy, got over the illness and did well.  She  had a kitten (just one), a female I named Bunny.  Sissy may have had more than one kitten, but I only found the one.   Thank goodness, Sissy waited close to a year and had another single female kitten.  Again, I suspect she had more than one, but I couldn’t find any more.  

Sissy and Sassy

Sissy and Sassy

I call this kitten Sassy, mostly because I got tired of her not having a name, and she truly is a sassy and spoiled little brat.  While Sassy has been growing up and being naughty, her mother Sissy and her older sister Bunny, both got pregnant and we’re now up to our eyeballs in kittens.  Bunny had 4 little dumplings, and Sissy has had six!  I found Sissy’s kittens all over the barn.  Deposited here and there just out in the open.  This makes me wonder if she had other kittens previously that I didn’t find.  Sissy’s kittens are still newborns, less than a week old, so I don’t know if they’ll all survive.   I’m going to look for homes for all of the kittens.  2 of Bunny’s kittens are spoken for, so that leaves me 8 more to place.  Sadly, there are no spay/neuter clinics in our area.  I’ve looked and haven’t found anything.  The small animal vet we use is way too fond of money to do anything not for profit.  We learned long ago not to put lots of mony into our farm cats because they disappear, but if I could find a low cost program to get the females spayed I sure would do it.

Would you like a kitten?

kitten 4 weeks


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  1. Hank Henley said:

    Hi Carol,

    Please send me your e-mail address. Since I’ve left honest work, I’ve lost a bunch of my old contact e-mail addresses.

    I’ve got a bunch of pictures I’ve started sharing of the trip to folks who are interested. I’m sending out a link to an album a day posted on the Kodak Gallery organized around some theme. I’ll catch you up on the four I’ve sent so far and then add you to my mailing list for the rest of them

    It was a great trip as you’ll see.



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